If you’re like me and struggle to save then this app may help you. I’ve been using Plum for a while now mainly to help with saving – it’s so easy as it works in the background and takes a small amount each month, which you won’t even notice. It uses a smart algorithm which analyses your spending and helps you save without even thinking about it. Plus you can also earn up to 0.6% interest (AER).

You can use my link to sign up – https://friends.withplum.com/r/Q6AvUU

You will be asked to add an account (you can add more than one) and this is how Plum analyses your spending. Every few days, Plum does the math and transfers the perfect amount into your Plum account, little by little, it adds up. You do have the option to adjust how much you want to set aside each month. Plum will help you reach your goals faster without having to change your lifestyle – it really is a great app, wish I used it sooner!

Also, you can withdraw at any time, and as often as you like.

I hope you find it as useful as I have – if you do have any questions then drop a comment below.