Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to £100?

Promo Code – FMXVxJCB

I recommend you follow the website link on a desktop PC rather than on mobile device.

Are you looking for a Trading 212 free share promo code? Click this link, make the minimum deposit (£1/$1/€1) and we will both receive a free share worth up to £100/$100/€100. Make sure you sign up for Invest, not CFD or ISA. You should receive your free share within 24 hours of making your deposit. Please note you must deposit £1 otherwise you won’t get your free share.

My Experience with Trading 212 ⭐️

I’ve always been interested in stocks and shares but didn’t really understand how it all worked. My friend explained the app to me, so I started to do some research and now I love it.

I used a friends referral link, I added £1 into the account after signing up. I received a share for £9 with National Grid (for 5 minutes of work, not too bad). I have received a number of free shares from referring people and also started purchasing shares myself. I bought a few shares in Aston Martin at £37.54 and as of 10/08/20 the share price of that one share is £73.60. I’ve started buying more shares gradually as it’s so easy and the more i’ve researched the better I feel investing my money. The app is so easy to use and it’s great as it gives you an option to open a practice account so you can become familiar with the platform first. This really helped me as I didn’t have much experience, so it gave me a taste of what it would be like to invest without taking on the risks of losing any money.

See below my current portfolio. As off 10/08/20 my share portfolio is valued at £264. Note I have purchased a few and received some free from using the referral scheme.

How Does It Work?🤔

  • Click the link above and download the Trading 212 App
  • Create an Invest account, not an ISA or CPD
  • Deposit a minimum amount of £1/$1/€1 to get your free share
  • Full T&C’s:
  • 4. After 3 days of receiving the share, you can sell it, withdraw your funds and close down the account

What Shares Can I Get?💸

The free share is randomly selected, and its value will be up to 100 USD/ 100 GBP/ 100 EUR. I referred a friend and they got a Paypal share worth £85, as of today 10/08/20 the share is worth £193 – So you could get lucky.

If you do start investing long term, be aware that the value of your stocks and shares can go up and down. Once joined up, you can refer a friend or family member and get a free share upon joining too. If not keen, get the free share, keep it for three days and withdraw the money.

In my opinion it’s probably one of the best trading apps out there. I will keep you updated on my journey as there’s still so much to learn. It’s so exciting huh?

Any questions, please ask 🙂